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This page is using the "No Heading" template with the "Header Card" as the first thing on the page.

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You love minimalism, want to be productive focusing only on the important things and want to take Ghost to the next level, Kutak is designed for you. Kutak is focusing on showing your content in a clean and simple way, focus on images, typography, and white space.

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From an idea to the final product

  1. Build
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  2. Market
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  3. Care
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Using the "No Heading" template you have the complete freedom to create your page using just Ghost cards.
Kutak has a extensive documentation to help you start setting up your site easily.
If you have any presale question please feel free to write us an email at [email protected] Mention that it's related to Kutak Ghost Theme.

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Beautifully minimal, content focused. Made for readability to offer readers the best reading experience.

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